Zalige bridge

Lent, Netherlands
Designer: NEXT architects
Contributed by: next-architects

The Zalige bridge in Nijmegen is the key project linked to water and its uses within the urban river park that was created as part of Room for the Waal, a programme initiated by the ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment to prevent flooding. Measures included the displacement of the dike and the construction of a bypass for the river, creating a new recreational island in the urban river park. The Zalige bridge is the icon of the path that runs through the riverpark.

The Zalige bridge is designed as a continuation of the park’s path structure on the water. Built on the floodplains, the softly curved bridge changes significantly with the seasons. When the water levels start to rise, the bridge partially submerges and is only accessible through the stepping stones. A few days a year water levels reach such height that the bridge becomes completely inaccessible. Within the river park, the spatial quality of the water is made visible in a poetic way.

6663KR Lent
Source: MIMOA


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