Xavier Lust at Ralph Pucci New York: The New Baroque | News | Architonic

In which direction is furniture design moving at the moment?

I think that design is a political act, like art. In the nineties, there was a clear humanist discourse about quality for everybody and all those things. Designers were committed to minimalism. Then we talked about essentialism. Now we are moving toward a new baroque period with sure values like gold. I think this notion of opulence typically surfaces during uncertain times. You can accept minimalism when everything is fine, but right now people want something hotter, tastier, more luxurious. What is your reaction to this development?

My work has always been on the border between industrial design and art design. I am currently focusing a bit more on limited editions to maintain the freedom to create pieces with fewer restrictions. I am also using brass, bronze and special finishings that look like gold. I have opened the door to a slightly more decorative approach to do something exceptional and emotional. How importan… continue

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