Tokujin Yoshioka: Light Material | News | Architonic

Tokujin Yoshioka transcends the limitations of materials. Some of his furniture pieces act as clouds and others are baked in an oven like bread, while still others seem to melt into thin air. We spoke with Tokujin Yoshioka about his influences, including Japan and Henri Matisse. <b>Lightness and transparency play an important role in your work. Why is that?</b>

I am fascinated by transparency because it is never static. When light encounters transparent objects, they automatically start to change and to react to their environment. Light is a very important part of my work. I almost use it as a material that can be deformed and manipulated. <b> Why do materials in particular play such a key role in many of your products? </b>

Design is above all a mental process, one which is also strongly influenced by feelings. This makes design very personal. When I work on an object, aesthetics come first. It is the result of the materials and the processing I have already decided upon. If yo… continue

Source: Architonic


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