Time to see the colour: Linea Light, Emmanuel Clair and Les Arts Decoratifs | Industry News | Architonic

With the collaboration of lighting designer <b>Emmanuel Clair</b>, we have had the pleasure of participating in the lighting system restoration of the museum <b>Les Arts Decoratifs</b> (Museum of Decorative Arts) in Paris, medieval and Renaissance wing. A challenge made particularly interesting by the type of works present and by a very specific goal: to increase the perception of colour in works of art. The previous lighting system dates back to the 1970s and mainly comprised halogen sources Our intervention was based on replacing obsolete lamp bodies with new LED solutions, achieving a significant energy-saving benefit. Only in the Galerie des Retables, were 29 18W spotlights used versus the previous 60 100W spotlights.

All installed products are equipped with special ultra HD diodes, developed in partnership with Cree. These diodes are characterised by a high colour performance index, which is of crucial importance for ensuring the full colour range.

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Source: Architonic


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