Taking it to the next level: new residential towers | News | Architonic

Associated with the notorious Pruitt-Igoe housing complex in St Louis, Missouri, demolished in 1972, or JG Ballard’s dystopian 1970s novel High-Rise, residential towers have acquired a bad name. The fire at Grenfell Tower compounded this. Yet new-build towers are less likely to require retrofitting to avert this catastrophe. And they’re an important high-density housing solution in cities. While 20th-century residential towers were routinely denounced as dehumanising, today they increasingly encourage social interaction, mesh with the urban fabric and street life and boast myriad amenities. And swanky residential towers are no longer the preserve of the super-rich. Architectural firm Concrete’s Jersey City Urby project comprises three 69-storey towers containing 762 rental apartments. Overlooking the Hudson River, the New Jersey skyscrapers will have unimpeded views of Manhattan. Two of the towers are scheduled for construction next year, while one has been completed. On entering, resi… continue

Source: Architonic


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