Spare space: new minimalist interiors | News | Architonic

STURLASGADE | jac studios Materials like glazed tile and polished white terrazzo reflect light and transmit a sense of openness at this former factory complex, now a 200-square-metre apartment, in Copenhagen. KEW HOUSE | mclaren excell Oak panelling frames the shared living space of this renovated Victorian house in West London. The use of dark, patinated concrete on the floor and for the kitchen island brings attention to the home’s centre. STAJNHAUS | ora To revive this 16-century Czech home, ORA recycled wooden beams into furniture and restored the brick-walled wine cellar, adding warmth and historical continuity to the otherwise unadorned interior. TAMARIT APARTMENT | ras arquitectura Without hallways or doors, a quasi-enfilade connects spaces in this Barcelona apartment, permitting light to flow straight through the interior. Materials like micro-cement and patterned tile delineate separate zones, rather than rooms with predetermined functions. © Architonic continue

Source: Architonic


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