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Over recent years, the event has proved its ability for tapping into emerging hospitality design themes and exploring them in ways that combine the disruptive and the mainstream. 2017 promises to achieve this balancing act once again. The theme is “Loyalty: Lessons in Love”, which will be explored through concept room installations, dissected in the Sleep Conference and has given pause for thought to a number of the exhibitors. In 2016, some 4,700 visitors attended the event from across Europe, the States and further afield. This year, with the exhibition at capacity, conference speakers at the top of their game and designer participants who command headlines, the expectation is for an even buzzier and more insightful experience. <b>Sleep Walking: The Exhibition</b>
The year’s Exhibition is more international than ever before, with companies coming from across Europe and the USA, as well as the UK, to showcase their collections. The concept of loyalty is reflected in this mix with a… continue

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