Scholten & Baijings: Arita – Amsterdam | News | Architonic

After a successful collaboration with 1616/Arita Japan in 2012 with their 1616 collection, they were asked to serve as creative directors alongside Teruhiro Yanagihara to develop the ground-breaking project 2016/Arita to celebrate four centuries of porcelain making in this village. Along with their other projects, Scholten & Baijings are currently creative directors for Maharam Accessories. <b>In your role as creative directors for 2016/Arita, and as designers of the 1616 collection, what are a couple of things you have discovered about Japanese design or about the Japanese ceramics industry that have influenced or inspired your work going forward? </b>

Arita is the region of Japan specialized in the most refined porcelain and they have found a way to create beautiful porcelain ceramics using mass production, keeping good price points, while maintaining handmade qualities and details such as painting. You have two worlds colliding which is very interesting and which we had not reall… continue

Source: Architonic


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