Roll out the red carpet: Domotex 2018 | News | Architonic

Diminishing resources, a growing world population, lack of space – we need to face these developments and tackle them head on instead of airbrushing them out of the picture. It will take a massive effort from those involved – designers, manufacturers, consumers. In the future, it seems, all three will be equal partners. Migration to the city – by 2050, two thirds of humanity will be living in an urban environment – is leading to a changed awareness of the space in which we live and make our home. There will be less of this space for all of us. However, at the same time, this restriction in terms of quantity provides a major opportunity for applying greater quality to the design of space which is actually available to us. As a matter of fact, people’s growing sensitivity to their material environments is reflected in the increasing demand for more individualised products, tailor-made to the tastes and lifestyles of consumers. <b>Fertile ground</b>

In line with its principal theme 'Un… continue

Source: Architonic


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