Regional Council Loire Atlantique

Nantes, France
Designer: Brenac & Gonzalez & Associés
Contributed by: Brenac-Gonzalez-Associes

The future home to Loire Atlantique’s Regional Council is part of a major urban plan being carried out on the Île de Nantes.
Located at a big intersection and along railway lines, its general volumes and elevations are adapted to the urban rules and situation encountered to provide a variably contoured outline. Its H-shaped design leaves room for a large plaza in the public space to the east and an enormous garden containing beautiful protected trees to the west along the railway tracks.
A two-level base provides continuity and a setting to the whole with accessible, deep, landscaped terraces. The architecture highlights two faces. The walls on the street side are urban with alternating, vertical extruded-aluminum strips and glass panels. The depth, the undulating relief and the satiny metal create a sensuality and counterpoint to the glass’s reflection and sparkle.

Boulevard Victor Hugo 28
44200 Nantes
Source: MIMOA


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