Recessed ceiling luminaire with biodynamic light | Industry News | Architonic

The designed by Burkhard Schlee, despite being recessed or surface-mounted, seems to float below the ceiling. This impression is created because the ceiling and the walls are brightened horizontally with soft indirect light by means of specially designed optics. The offset installation of the optical system ensures a
pleasant backlit ceiling element. This gives a harmonious corona effect, connecting luminaire and light with the surrounding architecture. The homogeneous light impression at the ceiling, in combination with the PULSE VTL light management system, plays an important role for biodynamic lighting. Since for human centric lighting the lighting surface is crucial along with the illuminance and light colour, the biodynamic mode of action is supported even more by allowing the high indirect light component to illuminate the room over a large area from above. Thus, the dual illuminance distribution of in its PULSE VTL version creates a
multifaceted lighting lev… continue

Source: Architonic


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