Penthouse F6.1 in Prague by Jana Hamrova of Objectum

Penthouse F6.1 in Prague by Jana Hamrova of Objectum

Architect Jana Schnappel Hamrová, of Objectum, designed this family apartment in Prague to be a light-filled space with a neutral interior. Penthouse F6.1 sits on top of the building with a full glass facade making it feel like it’s floating above the city making for exceptional views.

It was designed with a cross-shaped layout to create separate zones with the central core housing access to the building’s elevator and staircase. The four zones – dining, living, kids, and sleeping – each contain a bathroom that reflects the design of that particular area.

With hot summer months, a special cooling system was installed to filter cooler air in around the ceiling perimeter.

Fun fact: The oversized dining table and piano required a crane to get them in the apartment!

Photos by Jakub Skokan, Martin Tůma / BoysPlayNice.

Source: Design Milk Architecture


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