Palace of Justice Cordoba

Cordoba, Spain
Designer: Mecanoo
Contributed by: Blue_Diver

The new Palace of Justice is located in Arroyo del Moro which is characteristically dominated by anonymous housing blocks, products of the rapid urban development of 21st century Spanish cities. The blocks that characterize the urban fabric of the zone were not capable of generating public space, but collectively they form a compact and coherent urban identity. The addition of this institution to the area creates the opportunity to upgrade the public realm and add a civic quality to this neighborhood.

This responsibility to strengthen the public identity informed the concept for the Palace of Justice. The massing strategy creates urban integration through fragmentation. It follows a similar strategy to the spontaneous growth process of medieval cities resulting in a volume which is carefully sculpted to adapt to the surrounding context. This results in a puzzle-like structure which hints its process of formation and emulates the experience of the dense historical center of Cordoba.

Calle Isla Formentera 16
14011 Cordoba
Source: MIMOA


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