Off-menu: exemplary restaurant and bar interiors | News | Architonic

We may be living in an increasingly atomised world – with record levels, in the West at least, of single-occupancy habitation (and record levels of loneliness) – and yet we fundamentally remain social animals. The way we come together with others to reinforce social bonds and underpin social identities continues to take place very often via the daily rituals of eating and drinking. You are what you eat, it’s sometimes said. But one might equally say: you eat so that you are.

It makes sense therefore that, in spite of unprecedented levels of geopolitical uncertainty in the past few years, the global hospitality industry has shown itself to be rather resilient, with the restaurants and bars sector, in particular, proving buoyant – and providing excellent creative opportunities for interior architects and designers. The more troubling the times we live in, it seems, the greater the need to comfort ourselves through company.

Factor in the forthcoming festive season, the apex of the… continue

Source: Architonic


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