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Thinking retreat, conference room, quiet zone: Kubus I and Kubus II from Strähle create new rooms in open spaces. Our room-in-room solutions enrich modern, open office concepts with high-grade retreat areas. As they can be freely positioned in the space, they enable efficient use of space without detracting from the transparency. The Kubus models do not need to be connected to any part of the building such as the façade, the wall or the ceiling. They can be flexibly configured, are highly sound-insulated and extremely functional. As an option, the room systems can also be equipped with a self-contained electrical cooling unit as a plug & play solution, independent of the existing technology used in the building. Kubus I – Room-in-room-system with single glazing

The all-glass Kubus imports transparent retreat areas into large office spaces. The elegant aluminium structure of Kubus I with its all-glass design flush to the outside fits smoothly into the existing architecture.

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Source: Architonic


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