KUL Campus Bruges

Bruges, Belgium
Designer: Abscis Architecten
Contributed by: Abscis

The perpetuation of the cooperation between KU Leuven (Catholic University of Louvain) and VIVES college university has become a fact with the KU Leuven Campus in Bruges. The building hosts the Faculty of Industrial and Engineering Sciences and Technology and the Faculty of Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences and is located in a very prominent place on the Ter Groene Poorte site. As a result, it functions as the actual entrance for whomever approaches the site from the station. The building is the beginning of a public esplanade that combines the various new developments on campus. It consists of two superimposed, closed volumes – containing laboratory clusters, classrooms, offices – separated by a ‘public layer’: a transparent storey with the most public functions and view of the railway. The visibility of the public level, due to the transparency of the façade and the accent of the cantilevered volume above, contributes to the intuitive orientation throughout the building.

Spoorwegstraat 12
8200 Bruges
Source: MIMOA


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