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Since 2003, the fortunes of Gärsnäs have been in the hands of Anna and Dag Klockby. Together with chief designer Åke Axelsson, who designed the first chair for Gärsnäs in the early 1960s, they have taken possession of a special heritage. The focus is on wood as a material, technical know-how, design and sustainability – traditional and yet modern, attention to detail, and always with a certain something. The products are inextricably linked to the company’s history. As its location is surrounded by beech forests, production still takes place in the south-east of Sweden, where the company’s unique technical and detailed knowledge in woodworking and joining was gained and developed further. The possibilities of industrial production and the ongoing cooperation with successful ­designers mean that fresh new designs are repeatedly realised in high-quality. “It is very important to us that people feel comfortable with our furniture and want to keep it for the rest of their lives,” says Dag… continue

Source: Architonic


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