Joint ventures: NEXT architects | News | Architonic

Architonic caught up with Michel Schreinemachers, partner at Dutch architectural office NEXT, at this year's of the World Architecture Festival in Berlin to talk about the engineering challenges and creative opportunities of designing bridges. <b>Congratulations on making the WAF shortlist with Lucky Knot bridge! How did you square the structure's engineering requirements with its expressive form? Which did you consider first – the utilitarian or the rhetorical?</b>

We knew the bridge had to cross the water and connect at three points – at the riverbank, the street level, and the ring road. To these multiple spans, we added cross connections, which ultimately informed the bridge’s shape and won us the brief. The mayor chose the design because it refers to a Chinese knot, a symbol of safety, prosperity and fortune. It registers immediately as something positive. <b>NEXT has realised a number of bridges, both in the Netherlands and around the world. Was it conscious decision to pursue… continue

Source: Architonic


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