I've got the power: new energy plants | News | Architonic

In the past, power stations were often conceived as mighty industrial cathedrals burning coal, but the result of this was often that the area around them was unpleasant, clogged with smoke and soot. With cleaner technologies, a new generation of the power plants have become better neighbours and are once again welcome additions to the city. Take the Greenwich Peninsula in East London on which the Danish Practice C. F. Møller collaborated with artist Conrad Shawcross. The power plant – a long black volume – contains the latest in low-exhaust boilers that are set to heat the neighbouring residential development, while the adjoining 49-metre smokestack is given a faceted sculptural cloak made from perforated metal panels. Stanford University prides itself for producing some of the world's finest engineering and information technology graduates. Now, it can also boast that it has eliminated all dependence on fossil fuels; instead, its new power plant combines 150,000 photovoltaic panels wi… continue

Source: Architonic


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