Integrated Nursery School

Gora Kalwaria, Poland
Designer: RYSY Architekci Rafal Sieraczynski
Contributed by: pkrajewski_pl

Integrated Nursery School consists of modules with independent units. Every unit includes the children’s living room with the dining area, utility rooms and toilets. Each room has access to the garden, located on the southern side of the property. The shape of the building is fragmented with clearly defined modules forming it along the bent axis dividing the object into northern and southern parts. The northern part of the building contains one nursery department, business and administrative facilities, in the south there are six pre-school departments. Along the curved axis (east-west) of the building there is a corridor which is illuminated by windows in the gable walls and windows of the entrance hall. The building, through its one storey form, clearances, garden availability and use of wood fits into the natural surroundings. Sloping form of the roof also refers to the surrounding buildings.

Generala Józefa Bema 1
05-530 Gora Kalwaria
Source: MIMOA


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