IKC De Toverberg

Zoetermeer, Netherlands
Designer: LIAG architects
Contributed by: LIAG

IKC De Toverberg is a school without classrooms. Broadly speaking, the building consists of one big open space that is divided by split levels. Visually open partitions and interior elements create various spaces for groups.
The curriculum is tailored to the learning needs of children, organized into constantly changing groups. To accommodate these working methods and learning activities, the lower, middle and upper classes occupy units that are linked by split levels. The units contain corners where groups or individuals can work, and quiet areas that can be closed off.

A void allows daylight to penetrate deeply into the building and guides visitors up the main stairs. That stairs are playfully and carefully designed to ensure smooth circulation to and from the upper level. Located beneath the stairs is a playhouse for the smaller children. The design therefore reflects the innovative concept of active and inspiring education.

Toverberg 3-4
2716 LW Zoetermeer
Source: MIMOA


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