If it ain't broke: B&B Italia's Charles sofa | News | Architonic

Priding itself on its motto ‘Timeless and treasured’, B&B Italia strikes a finely tuned balance between cutting-edge design and a timeless aesthetic which renders many of its past creations covetable today. Look no further than Antonio Citterio’s Charles seating system of 1997, which is capacious and comfortable yet elegant for seeming to hover on its slender but robust, die-cast aluminium legs. This year is the 20th birthday of Charles, and when B&B Italia asked Citterio if he would like to update it, his answer was to the point: ‘No, because Charles still looks contemporary’. In fact, 20 years on, Charles is still the company’s bestselling product worldwide. An iconic, timeless design embodying a contemporary lifestyle, Charles owes its immense success to the research and innovation that went into its creation and to its resulting aesthetic — values integral to B&B Italia’s DNA and all of its projects. Another reason for Charles’s longevity is its versatile, modular design: its 16 el… continue

Source: Architonic


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