ID Hospital

Seoul, South Korea
Designer: L’EAU design
Contributed by: MASIL

So far, the beauty was like that an object reproduces the sublimity of nature or reaches to the ideal aesthetic standard like the golden ratio. Due to globalization of the Korean medical technology of cosmetic surgery, a new type plastic surgery hospital that is connected with the associated medical facilities and has a total management program integrated with beauty and care is emerging in the Gangnam area. This total plastic surgery centre requires a new type of architecture. In order for diverse programs to have space enough, inner and outer surfaces of each volume are designed together, and a space for a specific function has its own properties in the exterior. These formed programmatic bands allow building a vertical stacking composition freely. The value of modern aesthetic seeks the value of selection and wish to respond to the endless changes. It requires no fixed rigid body, but one available for the plastic edit, which makes responses to instant changes partially possible.

Dosan-daero 142
06039 Seoul
South Korea
Source: MIMOA


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