House Gangwha

Incheon, South Korea
Designer: Y GROUP
Contributed by: MASIL

HOUSE 1|6 Gangwha. The first house by Y Group. It’s a home to 4 people of family, 50 years old married couple, 11 years old son, and 6 years old daughter. As a place where the kid’s grandparents lived and the kid’s mother was born was a place of peace in Ganghwa-do. The mother who often leaves home for care of her maternal mother, father who goes to work to maintain the family’s life, and children who stay at home whole day. The house structure was worried because the structure wasn’t safe, full of moisture, and heat insulation wasn’t working properly.
First of all, we built a home with a goal to return to a healthy house and make room for children. We set a goal by making the heat insulation work properly so in winter, it’s not cold, and in summer, making draught and ventilation work properly to be able to make the house cool, and making a various space to experience for the kids who don’t have friends nearby.

Bureunnam-ro 95 beon-gil 38
23047 Incheon
South Korea
Source: MIMOA


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