House Dongducheon

Dongducheon-si, South Korea
Designer: Y GROUP
Contributed by: MASIL

HOUSE 3|6 Dongducheon. The third house by Y Group. A house opened to sky at Dongducheon. It’s a house of three members of family, father drives a truck and delivers mattresses, mother is convalescing at home after the cancer surgery, and a daughter, a middle school student. Building a 40-square-meter of single house was possible for this family. However, the architects decided to build a three-story building with a parking lot for a truck and a rest place for the mother. Also, the architects made a small but solid kitchen space for the mother who cooked on the outer floor because it was not ventilated. They needed a design to provide enough space for a parking lot, a family room, 2 rooms, a toilet, a kitchen, a study, and small yard.

Janggogaet-ro 265-1
11311 Dongducheon-si
South Korea
Source: MIMOA


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