Guiding light: Artemide | News | Architonic

A classic product is one that still looks fresh and functions as well as it did the day it was launched. Think of the Swiss army knife, the BIC ballpoint pen or the Gibson Les Paul guitar. The Tolomeo lamp from leading worldwide manufacturer of design and architectural lighting, Artemide, is another such product; an elegant and timeless object that is as popular with design lovers now as it was when it was first produced 30 years ago. Italian designer Michele De Lucchi was on holiday at the seaside, watching fishermen manoeuvring nets attached to a system of poles and ropes, when he came up with the idea for an adjustable task lamp featuring a mechanism based around steel tension cables. “It seemed smart to me that you can suspend a rod with something attached to it using a small lever arm and a cable,” the designer explains. “That was the frame of reference I had in mind when I designed the Tolomeo.” Artemide’s founder Ernesto Gismondi was impressed when he first encountered Tolomeo i… continue

Source: Architonic


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