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The range extends from modern design-classics to new, imaginative designs by international designers. Furniture is offered for different areas of application and users beyond the mass market: Furniture for adults and children, for indoor and outdoor use, and for residential and commercial applications. Richard Lampert has been producing furniture and furnishings since 1993. Talking to Richard Lampert, his passion for furniture – timeless designs without frills, but with that certain something – quickly becomes evident. The members of his team – complemented by the designer Alexander Seifried – are important sparring partners for him. A design must convince – with a clear and possibly unconventional idea. Only then does he ask himself whether the design is strong enough to be produced in high quality and in large numbers. “The product must have a soul,” says Lampert. One of the absolute classics in the collection is the original Egon Eiermann table from 1953 with inclined diagonals in a… continue

Source: Architonic


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