Hoogeveen, Netherlands
Designer: LIAG architects
Contributed by: LIAG

Eduwiek is a colourful school building that houses different forms of education (e.g. regular high school and special education) and different kind of pupils. The motto of the organisation is “Together where possible, individually where necessary”, which was also the starting-point of the design.
Beside some shared facilities, every school organisation has its own space within the building. As a result, the building is divided into three zones. Every zone has a specific colour depending on the kind of pupils and the educational form. Moreover, these zones are differentiated in terms of openness versus closure. The tip of a zone holds secure areas. In this way the pupils can find privacy when needed. The part before that is relatively more open to enhance pupil’s interaction with each another. Overall, a gentle appearance has been created by the use of rounded corners.
This design provides a perfect environment, in which a complete package is offered to best support pupil’s development.

Voltastraat 27
7903 AA Hoogeveen
Source: MIMOA


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