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It all began with the idea that the design of a chair forms the basis for physical well-being. The Norwegian Peter Opsvik believed that long periods of sitting should not hinder the natural need for exercise. Instead, a chair could promote a healthy upright posture and at the same time motivate dynamic processes. Opsvik was inspired by the position adopted by horse riders, who are able to keep their upper body in balance even after hours of riding, thanks to the shape of the saddle. This shape has given rise to the HÅG Capisco with its eye-catching design and ergonomic function. The shape of the HÅG Capisco’s backrest and seat supports the body in many sitting positions. It also reacts to shifts in weight. Numerous colour variations and contrasts as well as various surfaces and materials provide a wide spectrum for a personal HÅG Capisco. Flokk manufactures the chair without using any harmful chemicals or adhesives. The low weight, small number of selected components and high-quality m… continue

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