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The boundaries between fixed workstations and communal areas are becoming more and more blurred. Focused work and communicative exchange are increasingly blending seamlessly into one another. This means that office furnishings need to be more multifunctional than ever before, creating open space for dialogue on the one hand, and concentrated, individual work on the other. Founded more than 225 years ago, Bene is now a byword in over 40 countries for the successful symbiosis of office furniture, space and architecture, with design, quality, and innovation. This strong connection between design and architecture, between form and function, is a major component of Bene’s corporate philosophy. With its products and services, Bene combines a long tradition of quality with innovation and ­design and has recently presented such exciting product lines as FRAME_S, NOOXS Think Tank, SETTLE, as well as DELTA, T-PANEL and its newest creation – PIXEL. Currently, Bene is focusing intensely on trends… continue

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