Coachella lineup created by a neural network generates new designers

Move over Bureau Spectacular, Ball Nogues and LOC… robots are coming for your jobs. 

Botnik Studios created a hilarious (and somewhat believable) Coachella lineup using their artificial intelligence RNN algorithm to generate a list of band names and installation designers. Located at the bottom of the poster, the new designer list reads:

With large-scale art installations by

  • Mr. Wall
  • Belly Legroom
  • Ed the Bjown
  • Benus Jackson
  • Melon Soxprane 
  • Aunt Luke

Personal favorites: “Creepwell, Then Sleepwell”, “Boy/Boys”, and of course “Aunt Luke”. Will a real Aunt Luke please come forward and grace the world with large-scale art installations? Thank you. 

Source: Archinect


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