Bowled over: Alape | News | Architonic

Twenty years ago, Alape introduced onto the market the first dish basin made of 3mm glazed steel. It was an artistic reinterpretation of the classic washbowl. This development involved testing and perfecting the form and resilience of the steel over a considerable period of time. The result was an enamelled steel basin with a material thickness of just 3mm – a design of almost delicate elegance, distinctive for both its minimalist form language and high functionality. Over the years, many further designs have been created on the basis of this original. We are taking this anniversary as an occasion to look back at the history of the dish basin and introduce our current products. The starting point for the conception of the dish basin was a study by the industrial designer Gerhard Busalt, who has collaborated with Alape since the early 1990s and now heads the renowned office busalt design. In his investigation, Busalt dealt intensively with the enamel bowls and pitchers that were used fo… continue

Source: Architonic


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