Bogota from the Roofs, Streets and Sky by Camilo Mønón Navas

To me, everything looks fascinating from the air. But, for some reason, I never expected Bogotá, Colombia, to look so striking.

Colombian artist, Camilo Mønón Navas has produced a series of images titled, Arial Façades, in which Camilo takes various perspectival photographs and assembles them whimsical and fantastical means while bringing his home city of Bogota to the surface through all its cultural glory. 

In Camilo’s words. “Those buildings, spaces, or architectural complexes that are part of our city and that show us through a drone the incredible details that our city hides from the air…by exploring from the terrace of my apartment–a 10-story building–the structures of the cities from the zenith views.”

Source: Archinect


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