Be boulder: new mountain homes | News | Architonic

The popular image of mountain homes is of modest, remote, even romantic cabins dusted with snow. But instead of rough-hewn logs, architects and their clients increasingly opt for more sophisticated materials and a lighter touch. The linear form of this Canadian mountain home designed by Atelier Pierre Thibault traces the line of a mountain path that criss-crosses through the surrounding forest. Named La Louve – French for she-wolf – the living spaces seem to leap over a small ridge, opening the inside to panoramic views of the surrounding nature. The bedrooms, in the meantime, lie low on the bedrock, located at the back of the house. The horizontal wooden planks that clad this mountain home echo the wooded landscape. Taking a more literal approach to form, Claudio Beltrame's two Pigna cabins are shaped like giant pine cones, and covered in wooden shingles to complete the illusion. Surrounded by a thick spruce forest of the Italian Alps, these self contained mountain homes are even clam… continue

Source: Architonic


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