Answer the call: 5 new public toilets | News | Architonic

Banal in function, public toilets are charged sites; their presence or often lack thereof can be cause for discomfort and disruption, and even jeopardise health. But the potential of this, at times avoided and often overlooked, infrastructure is great. In their design lies the opportunity to promote not only sustainable waste management but also public health and social justice.

Toilets could be the next posterboys for change – they just need some vision. With eco-conscious designs and recontextualised materials, the architects behind this survey of recently completed projects help this pragmatic typology answer a higher calling. <b>Skjervet</b>
Granvin, Norway
Fortunen AS

Clad in local stone, the cold exterior of this service building bares little resemblance to its restrooms’ warm, timber-lined interiors. The materials and colour scheme were carefully adapted to the Storelvi river and forest, which one can view through the glass floor-panels and full-height windows whi… continue

Source: Architonic


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