Amedee Laplace High School

Creteil, France
Designer: Brenac & Gonzalez & Associés
Contributed by: Brenac-Gonzalez-Associes

Situated at the angle of the rue Casalis and the rue Laplace, the Amédée Laplace High School is accessed from a generous forecourt. Its program is articulated around an open playground and overlooks the surrounding area.
Considered as an interior urbanism, this figure offers points of reference for the pupils and an easy reading of the establishment’s general functioning. On the western side, a linear building on three levels shelters the classrooms, sliced at its centre in order to naturally light the circulation spaces and visually reduce the effect of length.
The building which runs alongside the rue Casalis holds the specific programs: hall, multi-functional room, library and art studio. It is marked by a sculptural superposition of floating volumes that play with form, texture and colour. This composition reinforces the visibility of the main entrance and echoes the undulating roof cladding. Totally autonomous, the cladding provides a curtain and sunshade.

Avenue du Dr Paul Casalis 53
94000 Creteil
Source: MIMOA


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