All's Fair: imm cologne goes digital | News | Architonic

Question. Why bother with going to trade fairs? I mean, we live in the digital age where images and information are endlessly proliferated. So, what’s the point? You can see everything online, right? Well, online product platforms certainly serve a valuable business purpose. Especially if they’re carefully curated and professionally oriented. (Mentioning no names here.) But while our world has gone digital, we’re still analogue beings. Flesh and blood that likes to press the flesh of our peers at real-time events. Here is where relationships are founded, maintained, cultivated. And, out of this, business is done. Moreover, while you can view the latest products these days via a host of digital channels, if their primary function is ultimately a physical, utilitarian one – furniture, lighting, flooring – which, in turn, helps shape the physical interior-architectural spaces where they’re deployed, then it certainly helps to get to grips with the real thing. That said, only the most fool… continue

Source: Architonic


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