À TABLE!: hospitality focus at Ambiente 2018 | News | Architonic

God is in the detail, as architectural godfather Mies van der Rohe famously once said. Or maybe the devil is? At any rate, details matter when it comes to the built and material world we inhabit. While the tradition of architectural photography may promote a visual cult of unadulterated, depopulated interiors, we as users, when encountering and experiencing space, connect on an almost visceral level with the props that fill and animate it. Nowhere more so, perhaps, than in the hospitality arena, where hotels, restaurants and cafés (or Horeca for short) become carefully considered stage sets for consumer pleasure – both of the food and drink served up and the spaces themselves. Beyond their utilitarian purpose, they also trade in conviviality, so their material detail – tableware, cutlery, etc. – becomes particularly critical to their overall mise-en-scène. With this in mind, the leading international trade fair for consumer goods, Ambiente, has successfully positioned itself as the go-… continue

Source: Architonic


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