Lummis Residence

The new house shares the landscape with the existing elements by occupying the space between them. Our design calls attention to the repetitive nature of bedrooms and baths, as well as the singular nature of the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

To ful ll the client’s desire for a motel-like appearance, bedrooms and baths are distributed in a rhythmic sequence. By placing bath volumes out of alignment with bedroom volumes, we created entry alcoves. On the opposite side, this misalignment allows baths to maximize natural light by protruding into the landscape.

A linear porch connects the four bedrooms, effectively creating an outdoor hallway. The ceiling of that hallway exposes the structure with which it is made, descending until it covers the master bedroom. This layout allows the southernmost part of the house to rest closest to the ground.
We created a vaulted, singular volume for the rooms where the family gathers. The study is located above the kitchen, and as the tallest component of the house, enjoys northern light and sweeping views.

With almost every room in the house having a door to the exterior, the “front door” is designed in an almost serendipitous way. In determining how to join the motel wing “bunk house” with the family space, we decided not to let them join at all. Leaving an open space between them created a “dog trot.” Purposefully aligned with the most signi cant vista on the property, this outdoor room signi es arrival. A screened porch above the dog trot is accessible from the adjacent living room and bunk house.

From the dog trot and the motel hallway, we designed steps leading down to a deck containing a re pit. Although this feature was not initially requested by the clients, it nonetheless has become one of their favorite gathering places.

Outside Porch, Lummis Residence
Lummis Residence
Lummis Residence at Dusk
Lummis Residence at Dawn

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